Just Another Hero



In Just Another Hero Arielle, is kinda rich, gets everything she wants, is going through some rough times with her step-father. He is kind of a control freak and she doesn't like him. In other times Eddie comes back and Dana is scared because he hurt her but, Kofi gets really protective and she isn't hurt by him any more. In the mean time Arielle's step-father has been planning to leave them ,but they don't know it. So one day Arielle comes home and everything is gone, all her clothes, school stuff, and etc. Then Arielle gets back with her old friends and has more fun. Later Crazy Jack, a mentally ill teenager, comes in the class room with an AK-47 and shoots around the class room. But, a shocker is that Eddie saves all of their lives and they get out safe.


In Just Another Hero Arielle is a rich girl who thinks she knows everything and leaves her friends. But not for long because Arielle's father took everything they had owned and she was left with nothing. Thats when Arielle realized how she has been treating people and she went to hanging out with all her old friends. Then near the end Crazy Jack comes back at the end with an AK-47 gun and shot the computers, tv and anything digital ,but most surprising Eddie saves all of their lives.


In Just Another Hero it is mainly about a girl who has done her friends wrong in the past who comes to befriend her previous friends. She comes to a piont where she has bnefriended a nerd who may know who is stealing students cellphones and money. She soon comes to be one of the people who has seen a student gone wild and brung a gun to school. But, it's not pretty when she goes home, her step father has left her and her mom and has went elsewhere and has cleaned the house out clean.