November Blues



In November Blues Josh dies at the very beginning. Then after Josh is dead, November finds out she is pregnant. Her friend Arielle starts making fun of her because she was getting bigger. But, then in the meantime Jericho ,who is still burning from Josh's death, joins the football team. They then go to this famous school and play them. But, the school bought cheap uniforms and it was raining. The red on their uniforms then faded and turned into pink uniforms. That then lowered their self-esteem and they lost the game. But, then on the way back from the game November has to be lifted in a helicopter to the hospital and then has her baby, Sunshine. Jericho then is very supportive of November and gets his trumpet back out, then gets back in band.


In Novembers Blues Josh dies in the beginning, and that was the worst time because he made a girl November pregnant. Thats when mean Arielle makes fun of her. Which I would probably do to. Meanwhile Jericho tries out for the football team. Then they go to a famous school for football. I felt bad for them because they bought cheap uniforms then it started raining and the red turned to pink. Then they lowered their self-essteem and lost. You will have to read the rest of the book to figure out the rest.


In November Blues November Nelson is still depressed from her boyfriend , Josh ,but after he dies November realizes that she is pregnant with Josh's baby. When she for sure finds out that she is pregnant she asks help from Josh's Cousin , Jericho , but is nervous to have the baby.