Out of my Mind



In Out of my Mind Melody has cerebral palsy and can't move. So everybody judges her thinking she is stupid and doesn't know anything, but they judged wrong. Melody is a very very smart girl. Then they realized she was very smart and they moved her from the special class to the normal class, but the only problem is that Melody can't talk. So they get her a machine that she can type something in and it would say it. Melody was the smartest.


In Out of My Mind Melody is a girl who has Cerebral Palsy and cannot talk or move by herself. She is made fun of by people at school because she is in the special class. Then Melody gets a talking machine and everyone starts to notice how smart she is. She begins going into regular classes and when she takes a test and gets them all right they think it was to easy because it was 100 questions. Then they make her take another one by herself and she gets it again. She gets on this team that goes to this show on tv and they answer questions and win a big trophy. But, the went without her and lost. She is heartbroken but lets it go.


In Out of my Mind Melody is a girl who suffers Cerebral Palsy and gets picked on my kids in higher classes. When melody experiences her own personal talking machine everyone thinks that she is the coolest kid in the class. The teacher can't see that Melody is really smart but at least Melody knows it and she has a very healthy mind and can remember everything.So the teacher put her in their competitions but one day when they leave her by the bus they lose their major competition.