Tears of a Tiger



Ine Tears of a Tiger Andy and his friends made the basketball team and life is great for Andy until the night after the basketball game. When celebrating after winning a game Andy and his friends got drunk and they did drunk driving. Thats when everything changed because they got in a bad wreck and Andy killed the best basketball player and he feels so terrible. So terrible that he has to go to therapy because his grades, basketball playing, and everything is going bad.


In Tears of a Tiger Andy is a basketball player and he and his friends choose to drink and drive. Rob dies in the crash and Andy gets so depressed. He then at home one day can't take the guilt anymore of Rob's death and shoots himself. He leaves the whole school devastated including his family and girlfriend, Keisha.

( Taylor )

In Tears of a Tiger Andy and Rob are on the basketball team. After they when the big game , they get with there buddies and decide to drink and drive. That night when no one can get in contact with any of the boys,next day in the news paper it announces that Robert Washington was killed in a fiery car accident. After everyone finds out about the death of Robert Washington all their days go down hill and something amazingly surprisingly happens in the next book Forged by Fire.

(s moving forward and never move backwards.